Website Reflection

My website was a new platform with me to work on. I would always work on writing essays in high school. Now I have to consider web design, different types of literature, and a less formal audience. I have a picture of books instead of the default city background because that is more relevant to what my website is all about, science literature. I did not add a drop down menu for my projects because they all fit on the top menu so it is very slightly more easy to access. I have had to write blog posts, develop projects, and make reflections for my website. Each different type of literature had a different audience and I had to adapt all the time. At first my blog posts just felt like essays but as time went on I started using the first person more often. My favorite part of the web design was creating it. I feel very proud to have a website all about my views (Even though I developed this web page myself and not by someone else). If I had to change anything, I would figure out how to alter the format of the project pages; I could not make the text on the pages stretch across the page completely. I considered making the background of the blog link in the menu orange to make it more attractive. However I opted out because my website is not all about blogs because I also have many project pages. I am very glad that I was introduced to this format and I may end up making another website for fun or continue this page after repurposing it for something other than my English class.